Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloom in. Flaw out.

Entry fee/optional fees are due prior to the day of the event. We want people who will value their titles and make a difference in their community. No “crown chasers”, please. Fill out and submit the entry form. Email your photo (JPEG) to:
You may compete for only one title at a time.

Full Name : Nikita Malhotra

Spouse's Name: Ashwin Malhotra

Children's Names and Ages: Natasha - 17 and Rohan - 19

Full Address: 2, Palm Avenue,
Educational Background : St. Vincents' Girls Convent. National Institute of Fashion Communication.

Career : Personal apparel boutique - COCO TRUFFLE.

Write in about 100 words why you should win the title you are competing for:
I am a mother, wife, daughter and friend to not only my near and dear ones but to their friends who take me into their hearts. I love teenagers and I encourage my children to live their lives free of inhibitions as i feel their age is the most ripe to make mistakes and learn from experience. I also am confident enough to say that i have taught many with my experience. I would honour the moment when I win the title of Mrs. India as it will prove to the world that beauty does not evaporate once you tie the knot and infact younger souls and childish fantasies are the elixir to my life.

Please remember this is a natural pageant. No false eyelashes, nails, flippers, hair, etc. No glitz attire permitted.


  1. I can observe that what I felt about your character while reading this is exactly the same I thought of her when you enacted the character out in front of the class that day.

  2. i really like the way you have described your character. i think it speaks off really well.