Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Here is a true and a strange story of a secret life of Natalia.
As Natalia looks down her life she sees herself as a very ordinary and unsatisfied woman standing lonely and sad with two children and a husband who is never at hand. Her life is now more like a meager cycle and is no more of her aspiration. She forlorn and miserable wanders into the world determined to do something for herself for once.
And now she believes in following her dreams and repressed urges , wishes and making them come true instead of just yearning from it. And facing anything that life throws at her with full passion and enthusiasm.
Secretly Exploring the world with a new attitude provoked in her covert life, she finds herself at a very new ,dicey and different ground where she finds happiness and desire lying in the company for younger men, new teaching job and several others which ..

Lucas Danielle Coelho's this story has inspired ,intrigued and entertained many millions of people around the world .With The Implausible masquerade he has brought his remarkable gift of storytelling to the darker side of life of an ordinary human ,desires ,wishes and hopes wealth. Through his this book he has beautifully captured the conflict and the change in the perception of the Natalia Jackman due to her desires and needs and the restrictions of the society. It is also interesting to see how he efficiently he has shown that, the world we live in very often forces us to veil and thus distorts the truth in our hearts.


  1. Devanshi, the book review format is a creative approach. I look forward to learning more about Natalia Jackman, as her sequel unfolds on stage.

  2. I second Evan.
    It was really creative of you to chose to present your character as a character in a classic novel.

    Your mask go well with the characters and emotions you give to this Natalia jackman.

    Your working is really inspiring. I wished if it was a beautiful plot from the book that you were presenting here instead of a rather dull review.

    anyway, it is a good work.

  3. i right now dont really know how natalia will react to different situations when she is trapped in her both lives and i dont want to decide it yet, because i want her reactions to be simaltaneous and real and not planned and idealistically thought of .So i dont want to decide before hand to depersonalize my charechter