Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Masking Mania

Masks could be used for positive as well as negative purposes. I put on masks to cover those areas of myself that I feel are still not mature enough to expose to the world, or, the world is not mature enough to be exposed to. I feel that I would wear a mask on the days i feel inadequate or insecure about certain attributes of myself. I also put on masks which bear attributes of the kind of person i would like to be. Masks can uplift people or bring down some. What i'd like to think about is how long can a mask be worn before it weathers away. if I would like to wear a mask for a period of time how long is too long, as well as whether i can ever put a mask back into the closet forever. I feel that attributes that a mask carry can rub off onto the wearer in substantial time. Sometimes, I might even forget the real face behind the mask and it becomes difficult for the people who know me to differentiate between the 'both of me'.


  1. Your dancing a graceful dance between the ledge of loosing yourself in a facade, and the creative wellspring of "fake it til you make it"

  2. answers to your question 'how long can mask be worn?'
    we do not wear any mask for a long time at all.because we have these sets of different masks ready to use in different situation. we wear those according to them. for example your different person with friends and family.
    though i think sometimes we wear these ready made sets for whole life too and never go beyond, and explore new masks. but sometimes we do. which changes everything upside down also.

  3. Masks are like attires which are supposed to be changed at situations ,time ,age and people etc. And these masks are fabricated by the needs or norms of the society.Thus all the masks have thier duration in which they are supposed to be worn and if its over worn or fades away while the duration of its wear ,is the time we feel exposed and is time to acquire a new mask .