Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You Are A Girl, He Is A Guy!

You are a girl you are suppose to ....
how can you do that? "You are a girl"
A girl should not do that!

Expectations? Restrictions? Few differences which when questioned are not answered or answered as " You are a Girl"

who defines the border for a girl and a guy? are they even any borders for a guy?

Is your gender defined by how you look OR by how you feel?

I never felt there was any difference until I noticed instances like-

when going out somewhere:

guy: Bye I am going!
(over and out)

girl: Bye I am going!
(Not over)
--> Where are you going?
       why do you need to go?
       with whom are you going?
       what time are you going to be back?
(still not over)

*phone calls* (every now and then)

And there are many things like these.

and if questioned by a girl... why only me? ... why don't you question him?
The answer is "he's a guy".


  1. all these questions, restritions and and expectations are something that we live with now and eventually have learnt to deal with, kriti....perhaps subconsciously we have accepted that it is always going to be like this...we have all grown up fighting these and shall continue doing so because after all they define "OUR GENDER"

  2. Haha, I like the irony you've shown in the conversations.
    It is so true and I face it, living a design lifestyle with parents everyday. I wish for a sweet escape, but I know that the answer does not lie in wishing to be male or flaunting my masculine-femininity as an act of rebellion!