Wednesday, October 20, 2010

will this battle end...... ????

There are a number of factors that have affected my gender one of them being my emotions. Culture, family background, and the society do play a very important role. Since childhood there were a number of things I was told not to do or to stay away from. As I grew older these borders also started growing and became more intense. Even though my parents believe that they treated both their kids equally, my brother who was younger to had more freedom to be outside till late, change in public, and not worry about what clothes he has worn which made me realise later that this indifference was because of my gender. However there were many instances that made me change my thinking and at times I even took chances of breaking these borders and exploring those spaces. Before I was a very shy and introvert person but after I got involved in sports I changed a lot as a person and people started calling me tomboy as I used to be in my tracks and shorts most of the times , played games with guys and had more guy friends. Also I became independent quite early in life and I used to travel alone and live alone which man felt was not a right thing to do as a female. But I was comfortable with myself being that way. I feel that my brain and heart is a healthy mix of a woman and a man but I still strongly feel like a woman emotionally, physically and mentally.


  1. Shambhavi,

    I was interested in the line you wrote "my brain and heart is a healthy mix of a woman and a man"

    Do others feel such a "health mix" of gender in themselves? What are examples of "woman" and "man" characteristics you feel in your brain and heart?

  2. actually that comes from my personal experience where at times i react to a certain thing just as a girl would do and at times just as a guy. at times i feel like crying and sometimes feel foolish about the same. i feel i am independent, carefree and i can take care of myself and at times i feel the need of someone to take care of me. i think there are such times in every persons life. we all have a mix of the two genders but the percentage varies from person to person and i feel thats healthy because feelings and emotions do not belong to a particular gender and i feel people to should be open and free to express them. if a guy wants to cry he should and not be judged for the same.

  3. I seriously believe that we all in our hearts and brain have a health or a equal parts of mascuility anf feminity in each individual to cope up with different situations.
    even though we feel closer or want to be like the opposite sex and it should be acceptable because we do have the choice to acknowledge both and this choice should not be sabotaged by the society ...