Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bring the circle back together


  1. I agree, I really miss this circle!

  2. i know, i miss it too.
    we all should meet soon and plan something nice.
    day before i was talking to svabhu and we realized that gender shadow has changed whole dynamics of our batch all together, its one batch and there are no groups as such.
    at least we should meet to discuss post gender shadow effect!!!

  3. Shreya and I think we should photoshop ourselves in this!!
    grr why were we making the poster this time?

  4. I found some great pictures of all of us yesterday.
    Missing the dialogue and the dancing a lot!

  5. every class needs a big circle, these days no one talks in class.

  6. List of things I need back in my life :
    1) my gender shadow friends
    2) morning music and dance
    3) circle massage
    4) Visthar
    5) Large coloured chart paper to think with
    6) Singing songs and dancing in trains
    7) Improvisation
    8) Unpredictability
    9) Unlimited freedom of expression
    10) Complete honesty.

    Add to my list.