Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Child Abuse In India


  1. Really well done! and shocking news.

  2. Thanks sibbad.....i used the 8 bit style because of its childlike quality...
    i hope its working in this context

  3. Yes, it is working in that context but somehow it dilutes the shock of that news for me.
    Good job though.

  4. hmmmm....i get what you are saying...
    the playfulness seems to cover up the seriousness of the issue...can you suggest what could i have done to acheive the seriousness??

  5. very well done ...for me it worked in a similar way to that of neha but a bit differently cuz as i read these stats it feels shitty but that 8 bit works well to put that message across and not just make it a serious issue

  6. i think it works as it almost gives a child's perspective of the issue with the 8 bit quality and the choice of visual. really cool.
    however, the hierarchy in the bottom right is slightly confusing. write the boy statistic above and the girl below.

  7. @malvika: i sensed that after I created the would have made more sense to have shown the stats of the boy above the girls...
    thanks for the feedback Viplov.

  8. it was really shocking to read this. i always thought that the girls faced more abuse than the guys, but its the other way round also the statistics are quite shocking,its like almost every other child is facing abuse.
    visually i think it works to show how it is related to kids, however i feel the text is too scattered and makes it a bit confusing to read at the first sight.

  9. Shocking news it is, I like the idea of showing it through 8-bit which works well, I think it works because of a strong visual appeal...It something which catches your attention plus with a serious issue added to it...
    Though at certain spaces the placement of information can get confusing.

  10. a really visually appealing infographic, with information probably not known to alotta people...nice work
    but i also wanted to raise the point of the scattered information.

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    Thanks :)
    Arpita B