Saturday, December 4, 2010

i cant go back again


  1. Journal entry:
    28 March 2009
    My exams are over finally Yay!! I can now chill for 2 months!!!...I can’t wait to go to more parties now. I went to this club with my seniors of our school and had a great time but I dint like the fact that they were forcing me to drink and smoke at the party… otherwise it was a great fun.

    18th October 2009
    Yesss!! I m officially 18 now… Adult!!.. what a party everyone was drunk as dead!! I wish Svabhu was there too it feels good but right now too drunk and stoned to write much. Anyway, again happy birthday to me!!

    20th December 2009
    Whats wrong with Svabhu what a sissy man!! Like seriously he is always with kriti and hardly hangs out with us and he totally spoiled my party just asked him have just a single vodka shot to enjoy the party and he got pissed and left party. Why was he even there at first place if he dint wanna drink?? To show off he has a girlfriend.??

  2. Before I read your comment the video captured the essence of having drinking pushed on you, then taking on the role for pushing it onto others. Reading the comment you left depend how I see the relationship between your character and Svabhu. When your character reads back over these entries how does he respond?

  3. I like the imagery and the music seems really dramatic.
    Do you think you could have conveyed a bit more using more feet and less objects? Some more physical reactions?

  4. i liked the video bt it just shows some one pushing on drinking on you and then you are doing the same thing to someone else.
    bt there is no mention about decision or what leads them or you to do such things.

  5. The video is nice...your feet are very expressive, you can see the discomfort there and also the music adds to it. But i didn't really get that it was you who was forcing the second time when I first saw it. Maybe some distinct accessory could have worked. I also agree to mitwa's point, a lot more layers come out when I read your comment, which could not be seen in the video.

  6. A question related to the technical aspect of the video..

    In the video, the feet looks like it is suspenpended on air.
    how is the ground where the feet is standing is not seen?