Thursday, December 30, 2010


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  1. Three stepping stones -
    Deep cleanse- I was able to commit to the people and work i was handed. I realised that i can grow more outside of my safe zone.
    Ex foliate- I shed some habits of working that were unhealthy for me to grow as a designer. eg. Stick to the first concept and think more do less.
    Moisturize- I have learnt to not only push myself forward but pull people to the top with me in my struggle to become better. I no longer look at people as competition but as team mates. I'm proud of myself because of this quality i have gained through this course.

    Studio Habits of Mind -
    Express - I have learnt the difference between working towards something i believe in and working to complete something because i have to. I am aware of when i am committed and involved in a cause or an idea and i am able to translate my real thoughts and feelings into creations which are more expressive and effective. To put it in simpler words i can now care for something on a deeper level and thus work towards creating things that i care about instead of stuff that doesn't hold any importance in my life.

    It Matters because -
    I regard myself as a new cleaner version of myself. I am not being dramatic but i am more at ease with the people around me and i am able to grow free of inhibitions and insecurities. I have burst some bubbles that i'd live in and i'm able to carry my new attitude towards people and work forward. I know that what i have learnt in Gender Shadow is responsibility, team work, experimentation, compromise, accessibility and encouraging. More than striving to be a better designer i'm striving to be a more confident person and i was once told i'm a 'cold' soul, i'm going to change that a little and warm up to more people.