Friday, December 31, 2010

Growth and importance as an individual

you may be a small part of a picture

but that's what makes it beautiful.

Monday, December 20, 2010

It Matters

Your Final Assignment:

Reflect on the below 3 questions/prompts then create an image, animation, mash-up music video or anther type of video in response. Post the video or image alone then add any text as a comment.
  1. What were 3 key stepping stones in your journey with Gender Shadow?
  2. Describe your growth in relationship to one of the Studio Habits of Mind.
  3. Why does it matter? What difference does it make? How will carry your learning forward?

Label your post with "It Matters" and your name.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Performances in Kolkata

Gender Shadow: An Invitation to Interrupt Injustice

In the street and in our minds, the shadows of gender oppression dance against the fabric of society. This interactive theatre piece invites audience members to enroll in a collective journey to dismantle the assumptions and beliefs that enable a climate of limited gender expression, objectification and violence. This performance speaks to young people in the voices of Youth from across India.


Monday 13th of December 2010 @ 6:30pm
Studio 21, Kolkata

Wednesday 15th of December 2010 @ 11:30am
Women's Christian College, Kolkata

Thursday 16th of December 2010 @ 10:30pm
The Basement, Kolkata

Ever known why ?


unfair game

sexually assaulted

Big Numbers

Men our victims too

Thursday, December 9, 2010



What i made is not exactly an info graph but i did a certain amount of research on what a stereo typical mind set is about gender and sexuality ...and how people perceive certain homosexual people ...and out of all that information i made this informative poster ..

Female foeticide & infanticide

Dowry Deaths

In a country like India it is difficult to rely on statistics. Most of the women are afraid of lodging FRI's. The incidents of dowry deaths have increased with the people trying to go up the economic ladder. Dowry deaths are often hidden by calling them suicides, accidents, kerosene stove burns, gas explosions etc.

Female foeticide

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Your Assignment:
Do a web search for statistical data related to an Indian based gender issue of your choice.
Create an image that:
a) creatively incorporates some statistical data (like the above image made of 64 faces)
b) invites the viewer to question their assumptions about the image or issue.

1. Image with a creative title
2. Post with labels: your name, and "Infographic"
3. Make 2 thoughtful comments on other "Infographic" posts.

Creative Inspiration:
Information Aesthetics
25 Mind Blowing Infographics
More Infographics and process reflection
Nonsense infographics

Aggressive Expansion

He is living his daily college life ..but is very pissed of by the pressure been put on him through society and his friends and at times he just go nuts

i cant go back again

Friday, December 3, 2010

generation difference

should I or should I not...!!!!?


Alta or the red colored dye painted on a woman's feet on the day of her marriage is a symbol of beauty and tradition.
Is my 'working' marriage only a tradition?
Where are my boundaries and what are my lines?
Will I ever be able to cross them?

Just A Foot Away

"Maybe I was my own prisoner"

Family Intro

whom should I listen to?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A bus conductor's journal - feet animation.

A bus conductors - dreams

- reflections

- regrets

- confessions

- resolutions, they all are what this diary entry consist of.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Promotion - Mime

To promote the opus show our team head to the city (Brigade Road, Church Street and M G Road) dressed as mime artists expressing oppression and gender related issues to the public and got a great response from the public. Hope to see them there (:

Flyer Design A5

Watch this or die.

slow motion

Monday, November 29, 2010

Walk Your Talk

Your Assignment:

Focus on one intense scene that your character is in. Write a journal entry in character reflecting on the incident. Use the following questions to guide:

What are the resentments or grudges that you hold due to this conflict? What is the residue?

What were you feeling before you entered that scene that made you act the way you did?

What happened the night before the scene? Or earlier in your life that may have impacted how you acted?

How do you act when you feel powerless or hopeless? Give an example of a situation.

How do you act when you feel superior or in control? Give an example of a situation.

  1. Create a video using your feet to express your character(s)
  2. Post with labels for each member of your group, and "Walk Your Talk"
  3. Make 2 thoughtful comments on other "Walk Your Talk" posts.
Creative Inspiration:

gender shadow promo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Your Assignment:
  1. Create a video commercial for Gender Shadow.
  2. Post with labels for each member of your group, and "Commercial"
  3. Make 2 thoughtful comments on other "Commercial" posts.

Inspiration below:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hand to Hand

This is an exercise which stems off from the balance activities we did in class.
To warm-up the audience:

Face the person next to you and join each of your right hands together. On the count if three,exert as much pressure as you can onto your partner to maintain balance between the both of you.
There is a line (imaginary or real) on the ground between you two.
Now, release on the count of 10 and try to throw the partner off balance.

Now turn to the person on your other side and repeat.