Friday, December 31, 2010

Growth and importance as an individual

you may be a small part of a picture

but that's what makes it beautiful.

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  1. Stepping Stones:

    a)Getting along with those people I thought I could never work with, and eventually not only working together but ending at great terms with them.

    b)Realization of my ego's capability to affect my potential adversely, and not giving into competition as a performer.

    c)No matter how small a role I played, I understood that it was still important and the need to understand my characters personality in depth.

    Habits of Mind and Growth:


    I thought I knew how to reflect, but all I was doing was explaining and elaborating myself.
    Letting go of ones inhibitions and trying to understand and observe oneself is to reflect.
    also sharing experiences and seeing how they can be useful in your own growth and learning processes.

    Why does it matter?

    I was wrong about many things and many people having had preconceived notions about them all. I was letting irrational thoughts and ego come in the way of forming friendships and my growth as an individual.
    The new friendships and the realization that, my ego affects so much that happens in my life are the greatest gifts that I am taking away from Gender Shadow.