Thursday, December 9, 2010

Female foeticide & infanticide


  1. Really interesting visual...I got the message through your visual but i would suggest using something more soft and fragile for the foetus...

    The placement of the text and choice of typeface could have been could have experimented with the font size to show the stats, instead of making them into italics.

    AND HOLY SHIT!! 2000 girls go missing everyday in india...that is messed up
    'agar aise hi stock khatam hota jaye, toh shaadi kaise hogi' :P

  2. Abhishek it's useful to know that you think that girls are only useful to get married to. Maybe i should SHOUT out my last couple of lines in the play? Also being referred to as "stock" is the cherry on the cake.

  3. hey tu touchy kyun ho rahi hai? maine toh mazaak mein bola tha...
    okay sorry, my bad...but after reading the stats i got reminded of an article that i read about problems related to marriage in Punjab and Haryana due to their low sex ratio (infact lowest in India). There were cases of extortion and scams being run in these states by people promising guys of getting a match for marriage.

    Sorry again if i offended anyone :)

  4. i like the image . very interesting and very well thought of but somehow i dont think that there is a need for the video ..

  5. No problem Abhishek. Your words just struck me and i guess i was too harsh. Sorry about that. Kriti, your poster is capturing. Like everyone said the metaphors work great!
    I agree with abhishek's suggestion to play with font size instead of italics.