Saturday, November 19, 2011

Shadow Liberation

The shadow saga continues with Shadow Liberation. The brighter the light the darker the shadow. Tune into our blog

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Best intervention yet

Arathrika, Arathrika's grandma, Kriti and Svabu at Womens Christian College

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art of Listening!

The joy of being responsible
For a set of enlightened faces
Brought me to the next altar today
Of owning a similar identity
It worked...i screened
A handful of brains with a smile
I read a new sprout of conviction
If not to stay than to acknowledge
Presence...paradigm ...of invitation
A pair of open arms; lavender smiles
Which a mimosa may open to
Puffs up my grins barging right up to ‘em
To eye another blink of strained perception
And when I ear an applauding verse
Tsunami out from the banks of glee
I dodge my ego and take pride
Of them who trusted me, though for a while
I lean to make a step on the ladder
This one was a strong one today,
I must say
But I need to go back for more
As the next foot coups
Its own brim to a lift
It makes me smile and sparkle of shine!

Fresh kaleidoscopic view

Gave me way to the “New”
New perception, new ideas, new experiences, new hopes



1. Initiative (at the beginning)

Delving into something new, something I never touched upon before
Cause of the thinking that I couldn’t connect with the 'theatre' aspect of it, I ignored it. By getting a little hint from my friends, I forced myself to take up the, assuring myself to deal with the process of it. Curious to know more about the issue being dealt with. There are questions that I always keep asking myself and wanted to know if I could, not all, but a few.

2. Awareness (through the course)
Every effort that I had put in had a different learning behind it
I used to crowd up my brain with too much questions and with the different possibilities and basically, was a pessimist about.....almost everything!! , thinking if what I was doing was the right thing or not. The various things that we touched upon in class made me think back upon these things, and instances that have happened in the past. I won’t say that 'virus' has died down.....but can now make decisions independently.

3. Confidence (towards the end)
To not fear shame, to speak up
I often commute by the metro rail or the bus, and have witnessed some situations to whom I have spoken upto, but some just makes me take a step back, even if I wanted to do something.
Janasanskriti had a major role in this where it showed me the possibilities and the different ways to handle a situation, in the right way, without messing things picking up a fight, which would just worsen it.


A daydreamer, I would be lost in my own world, browsing, but could seldom put them forth. Knowing that I had to improve on this aspect, I looked upon the reflections of many students, who were good at it and picked up on their vocabulary. I wasn’t shy to even ask my friends to help me in my own.
Working on these aspects, I feel that I am evolving, now to a person, who can now communicate with clearer thoughts.

That’s something I’m unsure about, To be a better person? A helping hand to people? Or just for our own satisfaction? But all of the above give me a result with a positive outcome, so I just let it be.
This course has changed me as a person, a better person, one that doesn’t remain a pessimist about himself. :-)

P.S. grateful to Evan and Arzu

Unravelling a confused mind.

Self Study

Monday, January 3, 2011

Man in the Mirror...


Who creates my ideals if there exists a superlative,
Which is a tighter scale-being on time,being loved or being creative?

Is what I am taught to fear what I should shun
Or rather the prejudice of everyone?

What I teach myself is what I ingrain,I learn as i deal, again and again.

A journey that brought a changed.

draw the curtains


Handful of sand is like one's knowledge ...

One may try to hold onto it ...without realizing that there is a whole dessert filled with it ....