Monday, January 3, 2011


Handful of sand is like one's knowledge ...

One may try to hold onto it ...without realizing that there is a whole dessert filled with it ....

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  1. 1. The three stepping stones in my journey were teamwork - teamwork is something i always knew of ..what a strong team was and what is required in order to build a strong team ..but this was the first time that i experienced what a strong team is and how a strong team functions ..
    being open to experiences - i was able to break out of my own prison of assumptions and estimations ...and experiences and understand that how much more there was to everything ..
    giving up the feeling of competition - This was one of the most important thing that influenced me ...because i always felt that it doesn't really matters however you work you get that feeling of competition while working ...but this whole feeling was beautifully broken in the whole process ...

    2. Understanding the art world more - Breaking the stereo type was one of the most important thing that helped me in formulating my conceptual skills ...i realized that all of these studio habits are interconnected and as i was able to break the stereotypes and work better towards my goal it developed my conceptual skills along with giving me a better understanding of the art world that how deep it is and how complicated true it is the end i was not thinking what others might think or how others might feel when we break the safe zones in society ..which is one more thing i could relate art world to which is pushing the boundaries and being in certain situations which are right but not considered right .

    3. It matters as it made a major difference not only in learning section but also in developing section was more like a life influencing experience as i feel i was able to experience something out of my comfort zone and throughout this whole course there were a lot of times when i was in an uncomfortable spot and i partially learned how to deal with it rather than just making a safe escape for myself ...and i felt that i do used to think differently upon these social issues but nw more than differently i feel rightly about these issues ....these learnings will carry themselves forward as they were not just some course based learnings for me as they had a major influence on me as who i was ,am and will be ..