Sunday, January 2, 2011

feel free

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  1. Three steps
    • Forum theatre
    The concept of forum theatre itself was new for me. After working with forum theatre and understanding different issues we represented, somehow I was able to connect to my past. Before coming to srishti I used to work with social group, therefore I explored different way of representing various issues and making change.
    • Jokering
    Me wanting to joker was really big step for me. It definitely came after observing others and understanding the concept.
    • personalities
    In this course I made constant effort to understand and learn something from each and every person in our course. It definitely helped me a lot.
    I decided to improve my observation skill and I think I have done lots of progress in this course.
    It matters because
    This course changed me completely; it changed my way of perception, my personality and my habits. It made me freer, now I am able to communicate with others in better way. Also it made me more aware about few gender related issues with which I wasn’t familiar with.
    There are many things that I’ll take forward, such as not judging people without knowing ,keeping up energy, not only in you but also in people around you and most important whatever I do I’ll use these three tools consciously, understand ,explore and explore.