Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Unravelling a confused mind.


  1. Let me start by saying that Gender shadow was the most effective I have done in Srishti.
    I enjoyed every work that we did and there were few occassions when I got frustrated while working.

    The title refers to the metomorphisis of my mind from a very unorganised and uneffective one to a mind that is capable of creating good works. 2 and half months of interaction with a highly resourceful group and highly efficent facilitators was the ideal place to for me to observe and self learn, and develop habits such as 'reflection'.

    There is a perverted side in me and as a result I usually refrain from reflecting upon my own thoughts when I am alone. But then I also accustommed to present myself normal when I am in the public. The gender shadow group's discussions were so broadminded and refreashing that I felt really comfortable with myself when I am in this group. I could share a lot of things with other people for the 1st time and I owe one to my peers for that.

    Now I can see myself reflecting a lot on notebook. I don't find that process disturbing as I once used to find it to be.

    The group was full of creative people, and hence I was naturally forced to be as good as the rest and I did everything I could to make my process of working more efficent and effective. I think I got a long way to go, because as far as I know there really is so many things I am capable of doing.

    Sorry that I couldn't throw out these thoughts in the form of points. I find it more fomfortable writing in an unstructured way.

    I will be poting more as I get more points.


    I enjoyed every work that we did and there were very(missed the word 'very' in the original post) few occassions when I got frustrated while working.