Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Promotion - Mime

To promote the opus show our team head to the city (Brigade Road, Church Street and M G Road) dressed as mime artists expressing oppression and gender related issues to the public and got a great response from the public. Hope to see them there (:

Flyer Design A5

Watch this or die.

slow motion

Monday, November 29, 2010

Walk Your Talk

Your Assignment:

Focus on one intense scene that your character is in. Write a journal entry in character reflecting on the incident. Use the following questions to guide:

What are the resentments or grudges that you hold due to this conflict? What is the residue?

What were you feeling before you entered that scene that made you act the way you did?

What happened the night before the scene? Or earlier in your life that may have impacted how you acted?

How do you act when you feel powerless or hopeless? Give an example of a situation.

How do you act when you feel superior or in control? Give an example of a situation.

  1. Create a video using your feet to express your character(s)
  2. Post with labels for each member of your group, and "Walk Your Talk"
  3. Make 2 thoughtful comments on other "Walk Your Talk" posts.
Creative Inspiration:

gender shadow promo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Your Assignment:
  1. Create a video commercial for Gender Shadow.
  2. Post with labels for each member of your group, and "Commercial"
  3. Make 2 thoughtful comments on other "Commercial" posts.

Inspiration below:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hand to Hand

This is an exercise which stems off from the balance activities we did in class.
To warm-up the audience:

Face the person next to you and join each of your right hands together. On the count if three,exert as much pressure as you can onto your partner to maintain balance between the both of you.
There is a line (imaginary or real) on the ground between you two.
Now, release on the count of 10 and try to throw the partner off balance.

Now turn to the person on your other side and repeat.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gender Liberation


hardware and softwear


Disguise it

The Single Girl Child Move

Stand up !


Your Assignment:

Ask someone from outside our group the question: "How do you liberate yourself from Gender Oppression?"

Have that person, or persons, strike a pose that represents how they liberate themselves.

Create a post with a the Image alone, and put any supporting text in as a comment on the post.

Label post with your name and "Liberation"

Comment on at least 2 other Liberation posts

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Oppressed By The Same Gender

3 Stills

I have everything... NO you dont!

Mamma.......... Wait i'm trying to work here,..!!!

Could you stop?

an encounter of the injured

A school going teenager makes an attempt to initiate conversation with a 28 year old self conscious woman and tries sharing his stories of confusion. Instead of trying to understand him, she preaches all the ideals that the world around her has always intonated, perhaps in an attempt to convince him how strongly she believes in them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Gay stalker

Is it only that women experience getting stalked by men.. ? What do you think about men getting stalked by men.. ?

So its not just work...

So what if he's bringing a work project to me? He's Hot!
Doesn't really matter if he is married, I really thought he would respond to my very obvious attraction to him, The freak he was - He started to cry...
-Natalia Jackman.

So what are you doing tonight?

An encounter at the bar, leading to bed. Both at a power. Suddenly the woman over powering by showing how disgusting the man is and how she could strangle him to death but there is one untold secret which he knows, turning the power to his side.

How dare ?

Our characters would probably not come into contact with each other untill we had met earlier. So in this encounter in a public space the male protagonist recognises the female one and approaches to greet her. The female protagonist is offended by him touching her feet to take her blessings as she does not consider herself that old. She is an overpowering character and thus displays her dismay at being recognised as a younger lady. The male protagonist always ends up being a victim in situations due to his submissive behaviour and here too his good intentions turn on him and he is opressed verbally and leaves dejected.

Conflicting Characters

Your Assignment:

Create a post with streaming video containing a sequence of 3-5 images portraying a conflic between the two masked characters.

Label post with the names of you and your partner and "Conflicting Characters"

Comment on at least 2 other Conflicting Characters posts

Friday, November 12, 2010

Death of Chivalry

We wanted to find out whether something as simple as being helped carry a heavy load on the road was unnatural. The video speed has been doubled up in order to make a short film without loosing the parts where we were helped and the parts where we were ignored.
When two girls were walking on the road carrying a large carton people ignored us for a while. We crossed busy streets and the traffic too did not pay heed. Only once did an old gentleman come and offer his help and tell us to not hesitate to ask for help. Four gentlemen standing in a huddle refused to move a little in order to let us pass even though we continuously asked them to excuse us.
The quality of footage for when Abhishek lifted the carton himself was not usable thus we only have stories to offer. Abhishek was helped twice along the short path he took. Since the carton was actually not heavy, while helping him one man actually started laughing.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Openly Gay at a Cafe

It was interesting to see how people react when confronted with openly gay persons.
Some sniggers and embarrassed expressions is what we came across, the audience ended up talking amongst themselves about 'how weird gay people are and why they always have to express their love in public'
Suddenly there was a turn of events. Some people from the audience seemed more interested in our camerawomen.
Now that was something unexpected!

Invisible Theatre

Your Assignment:

Create a post with streaming video from your Invisible Theatre mission.

Post with the following labels:
  1. Names of your group members
  2. Invisible Theatre
Comment on at least 2 other Invisible Theatre posts

Below is an episode from the ABC Series: What Would You Do?


Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Here is a true and a strange story of a secret life of Natalia.
As Natalia looks down her life she sees herself as a very ordinary and unsatisfied woman standing lonely and sad with two children and a husband who is never at hand. Her life is now more like a meager cycle and is no more of her aspiration. She forlorn and miserable wanders into the world determined to do something for herself for once.
And now she believes in following her dreams and repressed urges , wishes and making them come true instead of just yearning from it. And facing anything that life throws at her with full passion and enthusiasm.
Secretly Exploring the world with a new attitude provoked in her covert life, she finds herself at a very new ,dicey and different ground where she finds happiness and desire lying in the company for younger men, new teaching job and several others which ..

Lucas Danielle Coelho's this story has inspired ,intrigued and entertained many millions of people around the world .With The Implausible masquerade he has brought his remarkable gift of storytelling to the darker side of life of an ordinary human ,desires ,wishes and hopes wealth. Through his this book he has beautifully captured the conflict and the change in the perception of the Natalia Jackman due to her desires and needs and the restrictions of the society. It is also interesting to see how he efficiently he has shown that, the world we live in very often forces us to veil and thus distorts the truth in our hearts.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My good name....Aadarsh 'Andy' Srivastav

To Aadarsh Srivastav

I know how fed up you are of living a life of lies. The life of Andy Srivastav, a name as fake as the life he lives. A fake life that has jeopardised many real lives.

But you must understand the only reason you do this is for your family. You just want to keep them happy even if that means, you living the life of a normal guy. You cannot reveal to your wife your true sexuality, at least not in this life. That would mean an end of your entire family life, and you don’t want that do you?

You could ‘not’ have supported your family with that small garment business of yours. You were good with your business and it is commendable how you used your limited knowledge of fashion to build powerful ties within the industry, but that was not enough to survive in this world; was it?

You starting your new agency, was what anyone else would have done, if in your place. You have just been a smart businessman and there is nothing wrong with that.

Whether you like it or not, you have to accept Andy. He is that one part of you that is holding your life together.


Andy Srivastav

Rajnish (Facebook profile)

Basic Info
Birthday:October 22, 1984

Siblings:Rahul Arora
Varun Kapoor

Relationship Status:Single

Interested In:Men
Looking For:Friendship

Current City:Xyzsx
Political Views:OMG!! PHAleasee!! i hate these things

Bioi am not sure who i am . i am just like others but please dont label me jus because i like guys .

God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.


There i am, writing to myself again...
Finished my first month as a husband, still confused and freaked out...
Like Priya is a great girl and all...
After all mom chose her,
She knows the best...

Life's good that way, i mean that's the way we planned it - that's the way mum always saw it...
I trust her that way.

At the work table right now- my laptop screen saver is flashing old family photos,
its funny how they still manage to get me emotional everyday.
Would be weird not to feel ma's existence around...
Crazy how her presence is always felt - spoke to her a while back
feels secure...

Rathore just messaged,
inviting for the whole husband-father in law bonding session again.
Theres something about him..
Bonding with him is fun,
Hes crazy...
Feels good to be me when hes around...
The feeling freaks me out...
Its a rush...
This urge for conversation, wanting to know him more...

The thought of him is distracting,
Should get back to work...

November 9th - 11:50 am

uncle Jeremy

(Lucas: looking at his brother's dirt bike)
"i really wanna ride this bike, look at all the big wheels, i wanna swirl up in the sky just like brother does."
uncle Jeremy(standing behind):
then go on ahead young lad(evil smirk).
"but brother doesn't let me, he says its too dangerous for me and I'm too young for it....blahhh!!!"
uncle Jeremy:
"ahhh!!....can't blame him young lad, after all, these bikes are meant for the bravest only "
"hey!!!...I'm brave"
uncle Jeremy:
"I'm sorry young lad, but I have a responsibility to keep young, now that your family is not here"
"but uncle Jeremy....i know brother gave you the keys to handle the bike while he's away...please uncle,PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!"
uncle Jeremy:
"no no Lucas!!"(evil plan building up at the back of his mind)
"temme where the keys are uncle please!!"
uncle Jeremy:
"no young lad, i can't tell you that the the keys are in the third locker...opps!!!"
(Lucas runs to get the keys)
Uncle Jeremy: (hehehehahaha...haha...HAHAHA!!!)

There's always this one uncle in every family, who is like the crack in the family pillar and the root for all mischief. Jeremy here is a 45yr old single man whose main purpose for many years now is to steal the spot as the ruling head of the family, of which Lucas is the rightful heir.


Name: Tweety Beauty

Current location: 0/1 Fake Town,
Crank a lore-88

About me: Read through me and i will travel with
you during that journey you've taken.
Everything is uncertain... So lets just
forget the whole world and the noise
and get lost far far away where no one
knows you nor me.


Someone came.
Do they know who I am?
Well, you know,
They like me,
I mean.
Why would they invite me otherwise right?
What if they know?
I cant let them.
(take a deep breath, smile)
They like me,
I mean They LOVE me
That's why they invite me.
I am great.
I am the best.
Nothing is wrong.
Everything is under control.


I really do Hope.

Natasha Singhania

All that Glitters,
Is not Gold.
There are still,
few stories untold!

Natasha's play list-

Most played:

-Room Service-             (Pitbull)
-Touch my body-           (Mariah Carey)
-Gold digger-                 (Kanye West)
-Laid to rest-                  (Lamb of god)
-Time To Pretend-          (MGMT)
-Fuck me, I am famous-  (David Guetta)
-Beneath the Remains-     (Sepultura)
-Rude Boy-                     (Rihanna)
-Lollipop-                       (Mika)
-I wanna fuck you-         (Akon)
-Candy Shop-                (50 Cent)
-Walk with me in hell-     (lamb of god)
-Beep-                           (Pussycat Dolls)
-My Hump-                   (Black eyed Peas)
-Unfaithful-                    (Rihanna)
-Orgasm435-                 (Dj Caffiene)
-Birthday sex-                (Jeremih)

Just another day, an insight of my life

Journal entry

20th January 2010

My exhibition did go well, I know my work does touch hearts and I do have fans, I really do not need to bother about those few who do not know what art is. People have commented about the positive attitude I maintain with my art and painting career, and have asked me how I do it. I respond by telling them that I see solutions where others see problems. I perceive no limits in thinking about the possibilities of doing things, and never look to traditional ways as the only way. This attitude has been described as “thinking outside the box” which in many ways can be most helpful to an artist.

But does out of the box thinking mean that a person is suffering from mental illness? What a statement to pass! People think artists have to suffer greatly to make great art and that’s why most of them are tortured and lost. I am not tortured or lost and they have no rights to publish such things about me. Even Esha thinks I am a maniac. The journalists think I am a woman beater. What is all that nonsense supposed to mean? To hell with her! Just like the others she too must have found some stinking rich guy who can give her more comforts than me and satisfy that bitch. These women, you need to just show them some money and they’ll do anything. After all what did she even know anything about me and my work? She thinks I am too self involved. But you know what I don’t really need anyone to interfere in my life.

Do I really have two sides to my character?? Oh god!! I still feel scared to confront myself. What’s happening to me..?

Anyways my work is my companion and in my life I have no space for those who do not understand it. Those journalists shall repent one day....

Just another day,

Vikram Bose.

Confused Teenager

Hi , my name is uhhmm....i don't know if i should say it right now and i don't know how to say this cause i dont talk much about my personal issues with people around but then someone suggested me that i should blog and it might be helpful ....so ..here i am ...blogging ...i have had slight issues with myself since i turned 13 years and now im some 19 ...but mom never took me seriously so i avoided talking to her but ...its really hard to go on like this ...i mean you guys should be able to understand better how long can i avoid everything that's been going on ...i used to like a girl for 3 years ...yea that's when it all started but she had a bf he was muscular than me ...and i could ever express myself to anyone after that ...i don't know if i feel inferior but its just something ...i'll take some more time to tell you guys ....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Bloom in. Flaw out.

Entry fee/optional fees are due prior to the day of the event. We want people who will value their titles and make a difference in their community. No “crown chasers”, please. Fill out and submit the entry form. Email your photo (JPEG) to: mrsindiabeautypageant@hotmail.com
You may compete for only one title at a time.

Full Name : Nikita Malhotra

Spouse's Name: Ashwin Malhotra

Children's Names and Ages: Natasha - 17 and Rohan - 19

Full Address: 2, Palm Avenue,
Educational Background : St. Vincents' Girls Convent. National Institute of Fashion Communication.

Career : Personal apparel boutique - COCO TRUFFLE.

Write in about 100 words why you should win the title you are competing for:
I am a mother, wife, daughter and friend to not only my near and dear ones but to their friends who take me into their hearts. I love teenagers and I encourage my children to live their lives free of inhibitions as i feel their age is the most ripe to make mistakes and learn from experience. I also am confident enough to say that i have taught many with my experience. I would honour the moment when I win the title of Mrs. India as it will prove to the world that beauty does not evaporate once you tie the knot and infact younger souls and childish fantasies are the elixir to my life.

Please remember this is a natural pageant. No false eyelashes, nails, flippers, hair, etc. No glitz attire permitted.

Anything for you ma'am....

Ms Lolita Wickedheart

I'm yours my lovely,
as long as you do as I say,
Let me inhabit you,
show you where you belong,
Let me, let me,
save your day.