Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just another day, an insight of my life

Journal entry

20th January 2010

My exhibition did go well, I know my work does touch hearts and I do have fans, I really do not need to bother about those few who do not know what art is. People have commented about the positive attitude I maintain with my art and painting career, and have asked me how I do it. I respond by telling them that I see solutions where others see problems. I perceive no limits in thinking about the possibilities of doing things, and never look to traditional ways as the only way. This attitude has been described as “thinking outside the box” which in many ways can be most helpful to an artist.

But does out of the box thinking mean that a person is suffering from mental illness? What a statement to pass! People think artists have to suffer greatly to make great art and that’s why most of them are tortured and lost. I am not tortured or lost and they have no rights to publish such things about me. Even Esha thinks I am a maniac. The journalists think I am a woman beater. What is all that nonsense supposed to mean? To hell with her! Just like the others she too must have found some stinking rich guy who can give her more comforts than me and satisfy that bitch. These women, you need to just show them some money and they’ll do anything. After all what did she even know anything about me and my work? She thinks I am too self involved. But you know what I don’t really need anyone to interfere in my life.

Do I really have two sides to my character?? Oh god!! I still feel scared to confront myself. What’s happening to me..?

Anyways my work is my companion and in my life I have no space for those who do not understand it. Those journalists shall repent one day....

Just another day,

Vikram Bose.

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