Monday, November 8, 2010

Touch me not!

NO clicking pictures please; i'm sensitive to flash lights! For all those who are mesmerized by my incapacitating looks(which will be every single viewer for sure), thank you but you can look away now as i'm not comfortable any more and discomfort is not good for my skin, it causes wrinkles!

Going to Paris next cousin's getting my birthday gown designed by one of the best designers she met at the fashion week. It's a peach coloured gown...wonderful, isnt it? Mom says i look more beautiful in peach...huh! now how do i tell her that i know! :P

you know what happened this morning? the air conditioner in my car decided to stop working! thank god the other car was washed and ready; i would have died of embarrassment otherwise!

Oh! Gauri called me last night to tell me how beautiful i looked at Tanvi's in the saturday party..."yeah, yeah" i said, "i know you wouldnt say that for nothing, just come to the point!"

i know i'm naughty
i'm hotty and bitchy
i can rule over you
hurt you, bring you to my shoe
who does?
oh no!
who wants me to be dutiful?
'coz after all, I'm Beautiful!

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