Monday, November 8, 2010

character profile

Sonia Singh's To do list:

8:00- Go for a morning walk

9:00- Tell Ramu (cook) to buy vegetables from market. (don’t get expensive fruits)

11:00- Have light breakfast (follow diet plan)

12:00- Go to Chandra suits to collect new dress for kitty party tonight.

13:00- Go to market, buy Munchini’s and Chocó pie. (Nice snacks for kids), Coke, cookies, milk and bread.

14:00- Surbhi comes home from school. Tell chotu to give him whatever she asks for.

Also practice English from the classes.

15:00- Kaku comes home. Tell driver to go pick him up from football field. Talk to him about the call I got from his class 10th English teacher.

15:30- Afternoon nap as recommended by dietician after watching ghar ghar ki kahani.

18:00- Go to gym in our new car.

19:00- Go to parlour for hair dressing

20:00- Attend Meena’s boring kitty party.

22:00- Call Anand in US. Tell him the shopping list.

22:30- Watch uske ghar ki kahani.


  1. Typical Pitampura Punjabi aunty. I read it and it just made me squirm as it reminded me of a neighbor who always used to to think she was the center of everything. Her frequent 'Hello Beta','So Cute beta', 'How do I look Beta?', used to drive me mad!
    Good job on bringing that out.

  2. I really liked the way you used to portray your character in the form of 'to do list'. The character is interesting but the picture of the mask you uploaded is not that clear so I can't relate it to the character, may be a clear picture of our mask would help.

  3. Arre Very Lovely Ji!

    Sonia aunty's to do list seems to be very familiar to be. the character is very realistic.
    Only thing which i want to know is why did you choose a color like "Prussian Blue" to do the mask? as blue being stereo typically related to "male" how does it help your character to be portrayed?

  4. i think your 'to do list' works really well for the character you have chosen but just like Kriti says even i was wondering why have you chosen a blue for her face? i think your masks needs to speak a bit more about your character!

  5. haha...can relate to it really well....nice one