Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Single Girl Child Move


  1. I asked my parents the question- "What would you do to stand up against gender oppression?"
    Of all the answers I expected, this came as a pleasant surprise.
    I had never thought of myself as a single girl child' for a reason. Apparently, I am.

  2. Are you saying that you are your parent's stand against gender oppression?

  3. i guess this is a very strong example for liberation from gender oppression...rather action against gender oppression...

  4. hey neha i this particular post of yours really grabbed my attention but im not able to understand completly what you mean by this image and i have a somewhat similar question to that of evans

  5. I come from a traditional, large family in the interiors of Karnataka where having one child is looked down upon and if that child happens to be a female, even more.
    "What will only one girl give you?"
    "A girl is always some one else's property"
    " She will marry and go away"
    " A girl needs siblings."
    " She needs a boy to take care of her"
    " A boy is necessary to carry your name forward"

    My parents had me 10 years after they got married and after a lot of thought. They wanted a single girl. Luckily for them, it happened and despite what the rest of our family said they brought me up independently.

  6. I bet they're proud of you now!

    Have any of the same family members come back around with respect for your parents choice?

  7. Yes, actually!

    We keep hearing remarks such as, " What will you do when she marries and goes?"
    Most of my aunts and uncles have had more than one child. It is a necessity, they feel.