Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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And with eyes wide open
There sat three of them ...
Listening to the voices of his haunted head
Constantly staring at the darkness filling
Wondering how to use it to his advantage
Forgetting that playing with darkness is scarier than fire

Its always easier to take the darker road down
But he hears the left one...
But is still haunted
When those lyrics stop to make sense
When the mind goes numb ..
That's when those two come into action
Constantly waiting for the better one
He loses the floor underneath
And sees how harmful the darkness can be ...


In the above lines i have tried to speak about one's conscious of good and bad depends on how a person sees his mind ...but somewhere unconsciously that line of good and bad is created in one's mind and many of us at most times fail to see these options as we go with the easier way
....but by the end i have tried to talk about that at times even if you overpower what you want with what you need ...still emptiness remains ....... and how all the things that are good to listen to for encouraging yourself .. are not really the way they are ....

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  1. I consider faith in one's conscience much greater than faith in any religion and found your poem interesting because it honestly talks about how the conscience never works in the duality of good vs bad but always leaves room for doubt.