Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Laal, Geeli Baarish

This performance is a repetition of a color that revolves around my awareness of being a woman- 'red' or 'laal' in hindi.
I have tried expressing this word in the different tones that I feel it in- anxiety, depression, fear and repulsion towards the red blood that I have to face every month.
The form derives inspiration from spontaneity and 'feeling' what the moment or the word has to offer me, as a performer in that particular point in time.


  1. Your poetic play was something that most girls could relate to and what hits hardest is the number of years one undergoes the cycle as your character ages in the course of the act. It makes me think how the taboo attached to talking openly about the menstruation cycle and its health issues,even among students and teachers or parents and daughters makes it all the more confusing and scary a process for pubescent girls who have to undergo this cycle for decades.

  2. I totally agree to what Malvika has said. I could very well relate to the performance. I also really like the way you have made use of face expressions and voice to convey how much of frustration, pain, anxiety and happiness a woman goes through during these days every month.

  3. I understand this to be a very personal and emotional experience for women. Somewhere I felt this poetic play was to let others be aware of all that female body endures, which becomes evident with the expressions that you added to make your poem much richer and stronger an impact.