Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Openly Gay at a Cafe

It was interesting to see how people react when confronted with openly gay persons.
Some sniggers and embarrassed expressions is what we came across, the audience ended up talking amongst themselves about 'how weird gay people are and why they always have to express their love in public'
Suddenly there was a turn of events. Some people from the audience seemed more interested in our camerawomen.
Now that was something unexpected!


  1. Is this all or were there other actions/reactions? What were the men at the table saying?

  2. It seems like they were more interested in why this was being captured on camera...
    What did you use to record this?

  3. We used phone cameras..we also tried stuff like eve teasing. Unfortunately the footage that we got was really distorted. Also that we had to delete some footage since the security at the mall were confiscating the cameras.

  4. what i think is that there should have been original recording so that we could here what was going on....