Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gendered Emotions

My video is about how even "Emotions" are gendered!
How a man is not suppose to express his feelings, with the same freedom given to a woman.

I want to cry,
I want to shed these tears,
I don't want to hide.
Why can't I cry out loud?
Loud enough, for everyone to hear me crying?
and still be accepted like a man.
A man, who wants to express his emotions,
Like a woman.

A woman,
I am a woman.
I can cry out loud!
I can howl , I can shed my tears in public.
But that, does not make me weak!
I choose to express.
May be sometimes, i don't cry
and that does not make me emotion less
or less of a woman.

How do you gender your emotions?


  1. too good!!!
    i like the concept that first time some girl is representing issues about men.and they are important.
    and i loved the whole concept about separating emotions according to the gender.

  2. Really interesting. How we stereotype women and men. Men who emote too much are considered weak and 'unmanly', and woman who are not very emotional are to be said 'heartless' and unladylike like.
    I like the fact that these ideas are justly portrayed.