Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Confused Teenager

Hi , my name is uhhmm....i don't know if i should say it right now and i don't know how to say this cause i dont talk much about my personal issues with people around but then someone suggested me that i should blog and it might be helpful ....so ..here i am ...blogging ...i have had slight issues with myself since i turned 13 years and now im some 19 ...but mom never took me seriously so i avoided talking to her but ...its really hard to go on like this ...i mean you guys should be able to understand better how long can i avoid everything that's been going on ...i used to like a girl for 3 years ...yea that's when it all started but she had a bf he was muscular than me ...and i could ever express myself to anyone after that ...i don't know if i feel inferior but its just something ...i'll take some more time to tell you guys ....

1 comment:

  1. Nice blog post from the teenager.
    It tells very well about how he is confused in his life and the style of speech Viplov has used here works... I could visualize as teenager speaking while I read his blog post.
    And it is also good that you have mentioned that the teenager is blogging as a approach to express himself.