Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gender Shadow Promo


  1. it is a well shot commercial.
    the whole concept of the mime really works. it conveys the message really clearly and that too using theatrical expressions of mime.
    The rewind also works well with the concept of Forum theatre.
    well done.

  2. naice...
    really strong image created...
    i like the whole rewinding effect gives it a good relation to the forum theatre concept...
    just one question... was your concept mainly focused on physical abuse and domestic violence or sexual abuse?? because thats what i could relate the black tears to...
    otherwise brilliant camerawork... slick stopmotion....

  3. White acrylic paint?
    Nice job. The pace works well and I agree with the rewinding effect.

  4. Beautiful work guys. Its truly inspirational. Its not just the technique but also the concept is great.

  5. amazing work! it works very well to spark curiosity about the event and our content.
    It's extremely well composed.