Monday, November 1, 2010

To be Beautiful?

Pouting lips.

Fair skin.

Light eyed.




  1. niceee!!
    i really like the video and the camera and light work is quite good...
    i think it clearly shows how women are shown in media but what exactly happens on the flip side...which is quite sad..
    i loved the way the eyes are shown with hands..
    very good work in my opinion

  2. The video has been composed and shot very well. They way you've showcased the pressure of living in a world of superficial beauty. The hesitance that lurks in women as they shed their modesty is very evident even though you've only used hands. Its amazing.

  3. Fantastic video. well done! it was nice to see that what the image of the woman was doing was not something that was her decision but rather what was expected of her. Her grooming , her looks, etc all that was determined by others (I guess men and women both).