Monday, November 29, 2010

Walk Your Talk

Your Assignment:

Focus on one intense scene that your character is in. Write a journal entry in character reflecting on the incident. Use the following questions to guide:

What are the resentments or grudges that you hold due to this conflict? What is the residue?

What were you feeling before you entered that scene that made you act the way you did?

What happened the night before the scene? Or earlier in your life that may have impacted how you acted?

How do you act when you feel powerless or hopeless? Give an example of a situation.

How do you act when you feel superior or in control? Give an example of a situation.

  1. Create a video using your feet to express your character(s)
  2. Post with labels for each member of your group, and "Walk Your Talk"
  3. Make 2 thoughtful comments on other "Walk Your Talk" posts.
Creative Inspiration:

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