Monday, January 3, 2011

A journey that brought a changed.


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  2. Stepping stones-

    1)Visthar – The three days at Visthar taught me much more than I had accepted to learn. As a team it helped us well to bond together and work as a group. For the first time in this course I saw people gelling up so well and stand united as group and work together in harmony. The most important part for me in Visthar was the session we had with Arzu where we had some self-analysis ad reflections. It really helped to open up to myself and to think over how I have perceived myself through time. It opened up many blockages and helped me make my thoughts clearer.

    2)Stage Fright – I am not sure if I have got over stage fear or no but I am much more confident to speak up now in front of a large audience than ever. I had taken this course as an experiment, it was something I tried out of my comfort zone and I had done before. Character development and the exercises we had in class have taught me an entirely new way of expressing myself through body and emotions.

    3)Looking at different perspectives – after getting into a design school my thinking has drastically changed for sure but specially after this course the most important thing that happened to me was the way I thought about myself, my body, and my actions and also how I perceived myself as a human. All the movies we saw, the discussions and specially the stories and the readings gave me new directions to think in.

    Habits of mind and growth-

    Reflecting- reflection which has been the hardest part for me but it has been a great learning through this course. Self-reflection was something I always feared as it was difficult for me to analyze for myself but while in this course it helped to a great extent to grow. When I started reflecting on where I was standing in terms of development and growth I realized I was lacking behind in quite a few areas one of them being stretch and explore and the other being expression (self-expression). As I started reflecting more it became easier for me to handle the other areas where I could improve as it gave me a good guiding line.

    It matters—
    Gender shadow has been one of the most important courses for me as I have learnt a lot about myself and has helped me grow as a person and my thoughts as well. It has been a great stage to especially experiment on Medias which I would have never otherwise worked with. Even though I never spoke much in class I took back a lot with me. There was a lot to learn from and a lot of fun as well. It gave us all a chance to interact more and work with different people which made the bonding even stronger.

  3. ya and i enjoyed the puppet and mask making the most ...the fishes are a part of the puppets i made ... i would love to work with those artisans who came to college to play the Ramayan story for us. lovely art. thanks Arzu and Evan for giving us so much exposure.