Saturday, January 8, 2011


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  1. Stepping stones-
    Working with the people i had never worked with having different ideas and thinking helped me analise more and also appreciate others ideas and improve from their ideas. Also working in a team having many ideas, also being open to others ideas and being open to experimenting made the team stonger. Teamwork also was a learning for me.
    Theatre is one thing I would have never taken up becouse of stage fright. But i decided to explore this medium to open my self to speak up and this course really helped me in that. Also this course has helped me grow as a person.
    The time in Vistar helped me a lot to push my self to speak up. The reflections and also the habits of mind helped me more than anything else. Jokering in Drishya helped build my confidence and It was a great learning for me.

    Habits of mind and growth-
    Expressing my ideas verbally was very difficult and also reflection. Self reflection helped me in analyising my work and helped in improving it. Never used to write before but I write down my thoughts and reflection even if they dint make any sense.

    It matters-
    It matters because this experience has made me grow as a person. I'm no longer insensitive about homosexuality, I have become more aware. I have started exploring and made it a point to come out of my quite comfort zone. There's a lot more to learn and it started off with this course and is going to build on ahead