Friday, December 3, 2010


Alta or the red colored dye painted on a woman's feet on the day of her marriage is a symbol of beauty and tradition.
Is my 'working' marriage only a tradition?
Where are my boundaries and what are my lines?
Will I ever be able to cross them?


  1. This video tries to express how a woman gets trapped by the very tradition that secures her.

  2. Great metaphorical reference. The continuation of lines on both surfaces makes for an interesting image.

  3. lovely concept. I like the fact that you have used the irony of tradition to represent the turmoils the character is going through.

  4. Thank you!
    Yes, Sachin- you phrased the aim quite correctly.

  5. I loved it. Brilliant metaphor. The alta around the foot as a restriction, the line on the floor, the rice on the floor as many other people and responsibilities in ones life. Excellent!

  6. I really liked the concept,... we have many traditions in India can we really cross(or forget) these traditions???