Thursday, December 2, 2010

A bus conductor's journal - feet animation.

A bus conductors - dreams

- reflections

- regrets

- confessions

- resolutions, they all are what this diary entry consist of.


  1. "I must stay faithful to my profession" and other lines painted a portrait of the characters personality. I hope he keeps dreaming big!

  2. Hey Albert!

    What did you use to do this?

  3. Thanx for commenting.

    Hello Neha,
    I didn't get your question. Is it the software you are talking about? I took the picture of a feet, then made a set of pictures in photoshop and made the video using stop motion, in movie maker.

  4. hey Albert I really like your concept and the style you have used to bring out your character. However I feel that you could have used your legs in much more ways by adding some movements or creating a scene where some more props are made of legs.

  5. innocent and great work with the images.
    only that you feet were not being highlighted.

  6. ^ a way the person on the bench gets on a focus too...a little different from the narration..probably to me...cause of the clothes he's wearing
    but its the whole meaning behind the narration that keeps you not think much about...and gets u away from that drift of attention