Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dowry Deaths

In a country like India it is difficult to rely on statistics. Most of the women are afraid of lodging FRI's. The incidents of dowry deaths have increased with the people trying to go up the economic ladder. Dowry deaths are often hidden by calling them suicides, accidents, kerosene stove burns, gas explosions etc.


  1. its quite well done ...but it feels kind of shitty to read all these facts and how easily and in number they are happening

  2. Really? I didn't know that this crime was still so prevalent considering that the prosecution for dowry law is now being used against innocent in-laws and the groom's family.
    It's just sad that the law is being corrupted both ways.

    Your poster has a whole lot of dimension because of the various textures, it's a strong visual.
    The text works at the bottom, its nice that you didn't force it into the visual.

  3. It is a shocking revelation...but I am pretty sure it is still prevalent in the far reaches of our country, considering its huge size...Even in urban areas well off families are giving off BIG-FAT dowries just as a way to show off their wealth, its stupid and also sad...

    bdw you had some text in the background of your visual, i wanted to read it but it got covered by the image :( .

  4. unfortunately i don't just think it's prevalent in the far reaches of the country. I think about many incidents that have taken place in families of Drishya students. I think things that are hidden seem like they happen less - like the comment on the poster. the visual is beautiful, i'm wondering if it can evoke more sadness just at first glance.I thought initially that it was about sati and not dowry.