Friday, December 10, 2010

Operation Liberation


  1. The info that you provided was 'hatke'.....its different from the stuff that I had been going through during my research...

    The '10 mill+' looks a little separated from the '...estimated patients...' part, you could have had it in the same level.
    Nice colours and the font looks good.

  2. You are right the 10 million + does look disconnected. I tried fitting it on the same line but it was taking up too much space. I came across this information while doing a project we named Sexuality and You (S.A.Y.) in the Matters of Form course earlier this year. I also had the chance to meet Sneha, a transsexual who is a big part of Sangama. An organisation with many functions like creating awareness on HIV and conduction regular check ups for sex workers.