Wednesday, January 5, 2011


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  1. I some how felt that this course made my confidence level to rise to a very high level . i had a very major stage fear which got over during this course . it was the first time when i had performed on stage . my first point where i felt that i have really build on my confidence was at center for film and drama when i was repeating my first play ( the holi scene) and a person from audience came to intervene and i answered him really well and handed the whole situation in a very well way . even my performance that day was appreciated by everyone which really made me feel proud and happy about the fact the i have the thing in me to perform on stage . i was energetic through out the play and was excited about responding to every intervention that the spect-actors came up with .
    Retreat at visthar was also a very major point for me in this course . at first i did not feel that it was a retreat but later i realized that it really was ,and it really helped me in many ways. i actually started reflecting on myself ( what i did) during those three days which i had spend there . starting from all the warm up exercises till the end of the day i could relate to each and everything that was going on . at visthar only i actually tried to open up myself and let everything out. i somehow had built that confidence in me that i have to be loud and strong to let out what i am thinking . i tried to interrupt and make my point in all the discussions that used to take place . i tried to be the part of all the activities that used to happen . there was some kind of power that i felt had come into me and had made me more powerful and stronger to be myself . i tried to use all the studio habits in everything which i did .
    my third point where i felt that this course really helped me was at the JANASANSKRITI FORUM THEATER FESTIVAL , when the first play got over and the interventions started , and i was the second person among thousands of people to stand up and intervene . when i went up the stage and started my intervention and people clapped on what change i did , at that point i felt that YES!! this course has really done something to me and i am capable of talking in public .

    i really thank our course facilitators for helping me through out the course and making me more confident . this course made my more extrovert and outspoken.i would also like to thank all my gender shadow friends who helped me in keeping my energy up through out the course and appreciating whenever i did something nice :) .