Monday, January 3, 2011

draw the curtains


  1. Stepping-stones:
    • Learned team work-
    Working with different people I had never worked with before, working out of my comfort zone I think developed me a lot in terms of my working habits. I think that working in a team is much more challenging than working individually as you don’t only need to come up with a concept or an idea but also need to refine it and discuss with the whole group and coordinating the whole thing, keep up with the pace and the energy which is I think is a very important habit I had developed during this course.
    • Improve my language:
    The course has certainly improved the language I use. I realized the slangs that I used which appeared funny to me could be really offensive or hurting or sad at times. Therefore I now try to think and understand first whatever I have to say or write.
    • Critique:
    I can now take critiquing in a very positive way and I feel the feedback that I got on my work in this course and that everything was up on the Blog I feel I worked harder on every level and took criticism in a positive way and I could feel more confident about my work.

    Studio habits of mind:
    • Stretch and Explore-I decided to take up this course after a short introduction to basic theatre in previous course, which I really enjoyed. I realized many new things and learned new ways of working and new mediums and experimented a lot in every blog post and discovered many new styles that I can take forward from here. I realized many new strengths and got aware of some new weaknesses that I wasn’t aware about.
    Its matters because-
    I take every new learning and try to implement them wherever possible. I had some pre notions about certain issues in the society which were proved wrong and I now feel bad about why I had them only I have learned a big lesson about never to judge anything without knowing about it completely first its because of these learnings and skills that I have acquired that I m more confident of my work as a designer and my ideas because of which I think I m more sure of my career as well.

  2. Abishek, I remember clearly your reaction to the Hip Hop Beyond Beats and Rhymes.I feel like that marked the starting point of many self reflections and assumptions. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Drawing curtains will bring privacy to yout home. You can do well to hang good curtains

    Hunter Douglas