Monday, January 3, 2011


Who creates my ideals if there exists a superlative,
Which is a tighter scale-being on time,being loved or being creative?

Is what I am taught to fear what I should shun
Or rather the prejudice of everyone?

What I teach myself is what I ingrain,I learn as i deal, again and again.


  1. Hi Everyone, I miss the class so much!
    Thank you,everyone.
    I always end up writing a lot,so I'm making an effort to be concise.

    Gender Shadow, the course and its learnings matter to me because it has made me value,consider and seek experience before nose-diving into the dichotomous ideal.

    Is experience vs ideal another dichotomy? Not to me, because there are many in-betweens that do not have a name. I have learnt to see energies in diffused spheres that are spectrums (or the correct word for the plural of spectrum) and not only two extremes,we all felt it as we lived in our characters or were moved by stories that left us perplexed about what is worth loving and what can be loved no matter what.

    Today when I look back at our earliest readings about critically looking at our social structures, our discourses,our ideals, I realize how important sitting in the big circle was to open our eyes to understand the beauty of the human experience. It's what matters when we unravel the materialism of our most deeply felt emotions.

    I am very grateful for how we all embraced this course and made it special for each other. And how we grew as thinkers and doers. The manner in which we've learnt to consider and respect the human experiences of people as people is a lesson that I won't forget even outside the realm of this class.Despite knowing how varied our stories and nuances where, what we recognized were emotions like fear, love, remorse that are visceral and universal.

    By acting spontaneously in forum theater, we've had a chance to experience the protagonist that every person is in their story, be they an antagonist in our world of dichotomies.It has even given our audience to learn through participation about experience even if through discomfort at times.

    The studio habit of Engaging and Persisting best describes learning through action and even though I overlooked the need to develop this habit before, I guess it is what has taught me the most in this class.