Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fresh kaleidoscopic view

Gave me way to the “New”
New perception, new ideas, new experiences, new hopes

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  1. 3 main stepping stone:

    Looking beyond the Duality of life away from the usual black and white: when I joined this class I had a opinion about everything well sorted in my head concerning what is bad or good, right or wrong .But during this I course I realized this barcode system which I often got stuck into was another inefficient way of man to simplify life. And then gradually, I started looking at world in a different outlook which allows me to respect different perceptives and look beyond the socially constructed duality and not be so judgmental about everything in my day to day life.

    Working outside my comfort zone and experiencing new colors and splendor: theatre and movement was a total new sphere for me to discover and experience, not because of the lack of interest but because I was shy and had enormous amount of stage fright .Yet as the course unfolded I gradually became more Comfortable with my body and confident about my self. Due to this I started enjoying my course and looked forward for performances and doing new activities.

    Team work : During this course I worked with people I had never really worked with and hardly even interacted with .Yet as the course unfolded I enjoyed working with everybody as there was no sense of competition and was a sense of understanding and openness in the team work which made the team work efficiently and smoothly .The team gave room for everyone’s thought and individuality which made me open up and work better in a team.

    Habits of mind :

    This course made me realize that there is equal learning while doing an exercise and another while reflecting .This learning took place when we wee given a self assessment sheet in the middle of the course. And then while reflecting back to the beginning of the course I realized its importance because while doing this I saw many mistakes which I had failed to see, aspects that worked or was unsuccessful, things that I could do to improve e.t.c. And since that day after a may be a deliberate effort in the beginning ,I have become habituated to reflect. This has made me look more closely at my work and reflect which I know is helping me learn for my better future because due to this habits ,I as a designer have become better acquainted with my strengths and my failures .

    It matters:
    This matters not only because it made me change my perspective and look at the world for once as it is and not through the lenses provided to me but also made me question my self. This made me look deeper in my own self and questioned my own feelings and judgments .Due to this I could look at the world with an unbiased view and in laissez-faire way .This made me more open to new ideas, new perspective and new experiences which made me more confident as a person and as a designer.
    And even though I may not be able to much about the shadow of gender oppression in the society, but I am very happy and content to be sensitive and aware about this because I truly believe awareness is the first step towards change .this course has been unforgettable experience which I will cherish forever but has changed me as a person for life time