Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fun Comes With Responsibilities


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  2. Stepping stones


    No matter what we were doing we were working for gender shadow, coming up with different ideas for the performance, enjoying while working.
    I learned how you can make your work more enjoyable and how to be more dedicated to your work and not doing it just for the sake.


    People go through so much and still are strong and have not lost their hopes instead they intend to help others out. Everyone has gone through tough time in life, I am not the only one.
    And it makes you feel better when you actually share something you’ve been keeping to yourself from years.
    I let myself free, shared, made more effort to connect to others and learn from them.

    The (lost) bag, The (broken) water pipe, etc-

    With lot of fun there are a lot of responsibilities too. It’s always good to enjoy when you work but the focus should not be lost. It is good not to stress but at the same time to be careful enough about ones responsibilities. Also, not depending on others to take up the responsibilities.

    Studio Habit


    after this course reflecting has become almost my daily routine, I only use to observe things around me and keep those in my mind, which after sometime i use to eventually forget. Now If i observe anything interesting or learn anything new, I pen it down.

    It's very interesting to go back to the old reflections and recollect what all you had learnt and what all you experienced in your past. It is a way to go back and see the experiences which made you the way you are today.
    I today can express myself more freely and confidently. The learnings from this course was for my lifetime.