Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Self Study


  1. Stepping Stones:
    1. Self Study - I started my journey by first understanding where I stand in society by thought or understanding which I have created of people/images/stereotypes around us...That helped me analyse as to what events/people/media/society has had an effect on my thinking.

    Being Sensitive to the work we portray: I realised what a strong affect media,people,conversation can have on people and every act we present on stage will do the same - i understood the sensitivity of subjects and their impact and tried to play them in my performances by trying to avoid using stereotypes that may create or add on to a particular image or label. Our constant attempt not to create a black or white but play with that grey.

    Never take anything for granted - This works for everything - be it our performances, our mime acts in the city or invisible theatre - They made me so much more confident about myself because i began to trust myself in all these situations and carry them forward and enjoy it.
    Connecting with the audience was great, it made me so happy and confident on stage when i got feedback from the audience that i was able to do so.

    I was never the sort of person who would reflect on the work i did, But through this course i realized the importance of doing so, Playing the same role for over 5 plays could have got really boring but due to reflection - i was able to build on my character personally and enjoy it each time it came on stage. Not just that, The reason why i remember the whole process and journey of Gender Shadow is because we were constantly reflecting through blogs, conversations, people, interactions - everything - and it makes me so happy because this is something that i never would want to forget. This process has been the most satisfying as i see a growth in me, a thought, a question and the only reason i can see or review that is because of the constant reflection we did.
    Today, I automatically see my self reflecting over the work i have done in these holidays - and it helps the process become so much more easier and helps create your work much stronger.

    It Matters because i got to see who i was through this course, unconsciously i had thoughts and convictions about so many things which i didnt even realise or even thought of - without knowing that was affecting so many people - and that realization made me want to change that because i never believed in it in the first place, but was brought to through various sources of media, people and society.
    So if i can help be that change just like this course did, i know i should.