Saturday, January 1, 2011

With the stretch comes elasticity


  1. Stretch And Explore:
    At the start of every course I am exposed to my weak points from the previous course and there is always a promise made that i shall stretch and explore in my next task.
    What stretch and explore actually meant i realised it during my journey of gender shadow.

    To get out of the shell to the most uncomfortable point and enduring the act and task and then improvising and seasoning every bit.
    The layers of the characters in the play had so much depth in them. Studying those shades of grey.
    And also realising how the teachings and pressures of society is irrelevant.
    There were these moments where i learned the rational truths and it did hurt in the beginning but now i believe in them.

    My three learnings:
    1. "The show must go on"- During the basement show i completely lost my voice. Even before the show i could not be heard properly. But when i was in front of the audience and it was time for me to say it i just did. And i was heard clearly. I shocked myself.
    2. I avoided jokering during the classes as i thought there were others doing a better job. During the women's christian college show I had to translate the jokering and automatically i formed a bond with the girls which made me more comfortable in that act to carry out the translation.
    3. The readings we were given. Got me to understand theatre from depth. The history, art, culture, science, all of it related an inter related.

  2. I like your representation. I agree with you on the thought that an initial effort is needed to stretch and know ones true potentials. The will to go beyond oneself and ones limitations is the only way.