Wednesday, October 20, 2010

how and when i realized my gender?

i realized my gender when i was in grade 3 after a bullying incident that happened with me when a group of my classmates bullied me and dragged me and locked me in the girls washroom and there were already some girls inside. I felt very embarrassed when i came out and people teased me about it for months after that which left a deep impact on mind as it clearly marked a clear boundary in my mind about the difference between girls and boys. Also many unanswered questions and built-in interests and fantasies which were just there and I never knew about them but when i became aware of them like ' oh yeah! i like cars and hot girls and guns are nice but i hate dolls' was actually true and that what a man really likes and thats exactly what i like. This realization played an important role in helping me realize my gender.

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