Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I always identified the word ‘masks’ with a pretentious image or display of a character by choice or force at a particular situation– Through our conversations at Vistaar it hit me, that as personalities who we are or tend to be is a constant projection of various masks/identities which we use to aspire, hide or create a certain image of - So who are we once this mask is off? Is there a even a real me? Are we aware of how or when this mask is worn and controlled? Is it an unconscious action which is repeated over and over again and becomes part of ones character?

Identity masks come from insecurities or projections of characters which one wishes to convince or prove to somebody. Is the fear of losing the mask the cause of its permanency in character projection which later unconsciously becomes part of your personality? The dilemma of wearing the mask and letting the mask control who you become or project is a powerful force in itself .

I feel a lot of times these masks come into play in my actions from simple moments where i try to be modest or even smoke a cigarette thinking i am in a 'Wong Kar Wai' film - The constant fight whether to wear the mask or not is what I find interesting, at times even though you may hate to project the mask - situations force you or compel you to give in and display what it commands - The irony is its still a part of you, controlled by you and given in by you - So who ever is on the receiving end is bound to analyse you or judge you on your actions.

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