Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have to prove myself

I am not confused or unsure of my sexuality, but a constant expectation regarding my masculinity and its show from other- peers as well as family makes me think, why do i have to prove myself to anyone? how will it affect them? is it because they are unsure of their sexuality and its portrayal and thus expect others to showcase their masculinity or femininity. Or is it homophobia that makes such situations to arise.
Another observation is that as a man I am Expected to play an active role, in comparison to woman who are expected to play a passive role. I am in no way saying that I do not play an active role sexually or emotionally but this idea of showcasing it to others so that they feel sure around you is something i can't really get my head around. Throughout life I myself have been tutored to demand others of their surety of sexuality and probably it is something very difficult to get out of. But i am happy that such a thought has arisen for me to ponder over.

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