Thursday, October 28, 2010


Masks :
Wearing masks or putting on a fake identity for any situation was like being fearful and scared of being your true self and hated myself for doing it every time I would bear another more socially accepted front .but after having a very enriching discussion which we had ,it make me look at things in a broader perspective and look deeper in the subject and realized that wearing a mask according to situations and people just because of the most innate need to be accepted and belong in a group is something not appalling ,but is necessary .and thus we shouldn’t be ashamed about putting diverse faces . We should get scared when the masks we wear so often gets amalgamated into us, gets undetectable and takes over our will, choice, and life. And it is then that we can’t break through and have the free will we can afford to have in society. And it is then we are caught in a conflict and which leads us to question ourselves : “WHO AM I ?”
And as we looked deeper into the matter, I was really thrown balance as at that point world just looked like a stage, and identity or personality masks just looked like clothes we change according to fashion or spaces. And my insight became empowered which I had built through the previous courses and reflection which was that what we conceitingly declare to be our own identity is nothing more than the reflection of what society teachings build on us through our upbringing and thus we cannot call that our true identity .
But this really hit and upset me as this was something I Have never wanted to accept and every day my choices and experiences make me more aware of the existent of this in our society. Yet something that made me doubt this a little and gave me a diminutive hope as not knowing your true self or going through identity crisis is almost frightening and intimidating was that it is our identity that makes us prefer among the many masks which are accepted in the society and thus after all we do have minuscule amount of mind of our own and choices which is not completely depended on the society .

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