Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I am willing to explore..

I made a stencil of a cup placed near a round jug and painted the shapes into the journal.
The cup represents my sexual identity because as a sexual being I have a gender and have my characteristics. Yet, just like a cup does, I am open for other materials to fill myself up. In this context, the jug placed next to the cup in the stencil represents my opposite gender and the open cup refers to my willingness to explore and experience my opposite genders characteristics.

The uploaded picture is from the my journal and it shows the transitions of my thoughts and behavior as I progressed in age. At the age of 16, I started discovering the sexual aspect of the male gender and in the picture, the characteristics of the pot that represents me consists of timidness, hyperactiveness, sensitiveness, sensibility etc.
Similarly at 16, the characteristics I saw in my opposite gender includes shyness, restrictiveness.. etc.

When I found in myself many characters of male behavior, I didn't want to confine myself that set of behavior but instead I put in effort to empathize the behavior of other genders and other groups and I still do that.

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  1. hey Albert,
    it's really good to hear your openness to new to new ideas and the willingness that you have mentioned about.