Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The talk by Evan has covered all of the ideas I had about invisible masks we were.
During the session I was thinking which of the different kinds of masks that are available in front of you to choose. Fore egs, you can see people who are introverts, people who are extroverts and people who are both. Or you can also divide masks on the basis of features left on our face because of our professions. You can see the difference between an officer and a farmer.

In the journal I was thinking if there are any particular mask that suites me the best or am I going to feel the same irrespective of the mask I am wearing. I was analyzing the different categories of people among youths.
I am presenting this in the form of a shop where different kinds of masks are sold and from there I can choose the right and best mask for yourself. There are 3 main catogories that I have included. One is the group of people who are party guys, one is studious fellows and the other is a creepy guy. When I see many groups of peopl e like I wonder which one do I belong to? Which one gives you best satisfaction. I was making maps of thoughts while they were coming to my head.


  1. oh damn. I messed it up big time. Many things I wrote doesn't make sense. I wrote it while I was half asleep.

    If people think they can't follow anything I have written then do let me know. I can make a new post with clarity.

  2. Albert, feel free to edit your post. Click the pencil icon in the bottom right of youe post, make the changes you want, then press publish again.

  3. Wow Albert, That's a really interesting idea. To come to think of it that the masks that we put is like a commodity. something that we use till it expires, hence we go looking for a new one.