Wednesday, October 27, 2010

True self


A covering for all or part of the face, in particular is what my Mac’s dictionary defines it, quite clear there are many types of masks personally I like Japanese masks because I think they are more ambiguous and have deeper meanings associated to them. But recently I came across a mask of a different type that we permanently wear over our faces to have a face, which we want, to look something you are not, to be someone you are not. These masks are our emotions, our way of presenting ourselves basically in every situation. We wear masks permanently maybe to look different in front of others and have a different impression on them which u want. But if u wear them all the time then what is your true self? Then what are trying to be, relative to what? I don’t think we even realize that our true self is hidden underneath a mask. I think these masks are because of the influences that shaped us. Maybe we prefer wearing these masks to hide our insecurities and our limitations. But I see no harm wearing them because that’s way this world works. In a way it also creates a sense of competition between people. So I think its kind of important.

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  1. I understand all that you have to say except the part about the 'creates a sense of competition between people'. Could you elaborate on that part as i am confused whether we are competing with the strength of our masks or the strength of our masking capabilities. You can also ponder over whether there ever was a time when masks never existed or one where masks will no longer exist. What kind of a world will it be?