Thursday, October 28, 2010


Its interesting to know how masks are used as metaphors and how one changes masks according to the situation, time and the person in front. We wear masks to satisfy others, make them happy or hurt them, or to fit in to a group etc,.. we wear many masks, but do these masks over power our true self? do the masks define your personality?,.. but then if I think about it again, wearing different masks might help us define one's true self!


  1. I agree with your conclusion of masks being a way of self expression as we tend to portray certain aspects of our personality with greater emphasis in our masks that we may otherwise hesitate to show under the pressure of being judged or categorized. I think your mask is amazing and looks like so much hard work!

  2. To echo malvika ... your mask is beautiful!

    What masks do you wear? And how do you personally define your inner self?

  3. ya totally agree!! your masks are amazing!!!

    one more thing came across my mind is when we are talking about inner self dnt you think that inner self who is responsible for making decision to which mask to put and which not to?